Surveys play an extremely important role in each and every company. A company, in order to survive in the market always needs to be up to date about the pulse of the market. It is with the help of these Survey Questionnaires, which a company gets to know what exactly is there in the mind of those associated with the company. These people can be employees or Customers. Based on the data provided by these Survey Questionnaires, the company takes necessary steps to improve it.

Survey Questionnaire Example

  1. Which product of Company EFG do you buy?
  1. Product A
  1. Product b
  2. Product  C
  3. Product D
  4. In case of others, please specify….
  1. What is your opinion about the Brand EFG?
  1. Great Quality
  2. Great Quantity
  3. Reliable
  4. Unreliable
  5. In case of others, please specify.
  1. How long are you associated with this Company EFG?
  1. About 1 year
  2. About 2 years
  3. About 3 years
  4. About 4 years
  5. More than 5 years
  1. Are you satisfied with the Company EFG?
  1. Yes, extremely.
  2. No, Disappointed.
  1. Would you like to make any changes to the product? If so, kindly elaborate on the reasons prompting the change.

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