Survey is one of the latest and most innovative ways to understand the pulse of the selected category. The best part about these surveys are that they feedback gathered from them is unbiased and provided on a real time basis. The information derived from the survey, can be used to make deductions about the trends, future and preferences of the category. Survey Questionnaire templates are predesigned questions that are targeted towards the selected category to deduce information from them.

Survey Questionnaire Template Sample

1. Which brand do you use?

a. Brand P

b. Brand Q

c. Brand R

d. Brand S

e. In case of others, please specify….

2. What product of that particular brand do you use?

a. Product 1

b. Product 2

c. Product 3

d. Product 4

e. In case of others, please specify…..

3. How long have you been using this product?

a. 1 year

b. 2 year

c. 3 year

d. 4 year

e. 5 year

f. In case of others please specify…

4. How did you first chance upon the product?

a. Advertising

b. Word of mouth

c. Display

d. In case of others, please specify…

5. Please suggest, if you want to make any changes to the product and why?

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