A survey is conducted to get the collective opinion of a pre-determined group of people about a certain topic. While preparing the questionnaire, it is important to remember the objectives of the project, the target group, and to follow an appropriate methodology which will draw out the maximum amount of information in a systematic manner.

Survey Questionnaire Sample

1) Please mention your age group.

a. 15-21 years

b. 22-28 years

c. Above 28

2) Occupation:

a. Student

b. Service

c. Self-employed

d. Others

3) What do you mainly use your mobile phone for?

a. Calling

b. SMS

c. Internet browsing

4) How many hours do you speak on the phone daily?

a. Less than 1 hour

b. 1-2 hours

c. More than 2 hours

6) Do you make local or outstation calls more often?

a. Local

b. STD

c. ISD

d. All of the above

7) Do you pay for any value-added services? If yes, please specify:

a. Ringtones

b. Caller tunes

c. Astrology

d. News

e. Bill payment

f. Others

8) Are you happy with the current charges of the services?

a. Yes

b. No

9) Please rate the customer service.

a. Bad

b. Average

c. Good

10) Does your service provider have a good network reach?

a. Yes

b. No

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