Survey questions are measuring tools used in an investigation by sociologists, anthropologists and other professionals. The questions are primarily aimed at assessing the characteristics of the whole population. A standardization sample is developed from where subjects are randomly chosen for asking questions.

It adequately represents the population with respect to the measurement variables. The questions extract the exact information required and capture the exact frame of the respondents’ mind for further analysis.

The following guidelines must be followed while developing the survey questions:

  • The language has to be unambiguous and simple.
  • The questions must be short, definite, factual and explicit.
  • A question must convey one complete thought.
  • The questions must focus on the present rather than on past or future.
  • The nature of questions must be dichotomous or in comparative degree.
  • Those questions should be selected that are likely to be endorsed by almost everyone.
  • Questions must cover the entire range of the measurement scale of the variables.
  • Questions with more than one answer or interpretation must be avoided.

A watch over the above-mentioned characteristics is bound to produce an ideal survey questionnaire pattern that would facilitate the outset of an appropriate conclusion for the study.

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