Survey research is a vital requirement in the social research for measuring every single aspect to make a survey successful. Survey research involves different methods, which can be pen & paper feedback, face- to- face interview where a number of questions related to the survey are asked and others.

Survey research method can be divided into following parts:

  • Cross sectional research Survey Method:

This method is used to collect the feedback from masses. This method consists of questionnaire based on certain topics to determine the relationship of customers and clients within an organization. This method brings out the true picture of a particular brand and products of an organization.

  • Longitudinal research survey method:

Longitudinal survey is used to gather response of population. In this method, the questions are explained to the masses and left with them so that they can understand the sense of question. This type of method include the following studies

  • Trend Studies
  • Cohort studies
  • Panel studies

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