A SWOT analysis survey is one that helps in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This survey is ideal for use by any organization that wants to perform a thorough analysis of the factors that need attention and the ones that are already strong in terms of its functioning. This SWOT analysis survey is a strategic business tool that helps in internal evaluation of the organization in an orderly and structured manner. The survey revolves around obtaining information regarding the best part of the organization, its competitors, future business risks and lastly alternatives for the threats faced by the organization.

Sample SWOT Analysis Survey

1. Tell us about the top things about your organization that makes it better than other organizations in similar businesses?

a. Quality of products

b. Best selling price

c. Easy availability

d. Brand power

2. What are the worst things that may affect the business of your organization?

a. Competition

b. High overhead costs

c. Poor marketing strategies

d. High pricing of products

3. What are the opportunities that you see for your organization in the next five years from now?

a. No competition

b. Capture of entire market in the segment of products manufactured by our company

c. Better sales and lower overheads costs

d. Wide spread marketing of products thereby increasing profitability

4. What do you think are the threats that your company is likely to face in the next five years of sustenance in the segment of products manufactured by your organization?

a. Tougher competition

b. Cash and liquidity crunch

c. Higher rate of external borrowing

d. Increase in expenses towards administrative and maintenance costs

5. What do you think are the changes that your organization should make in order to improve position and profitability?

a. Increase manpower

b. Ensure to bring down overhead costs by scrapping external outsourcing

c. Better marketing strategies to increase sales

d. Improve quality of the products

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