It so happens that even if a very high quality product is backed with mind blowing advertising, it may fail to reap profits in the market. Here arises the need of the target market survey which helps to determine the target of the product.

Target Market Survey Sample

1) Have you heard of the product XYZ?

a)   Yes

b)   No

2) From where did you come to know of this product?

a)   Television

b)   Radio

c)   Newspaper

d)   A friend or family member

e)   In a departmental store

3) Have you used this product?

a)   Absolutely yes

b)   No, I have not.

4) Did you like this product?

a)   Yes, it is a very useful product that really works as it claims it would

b)   I have not used it for very long, so I am not sure

c)   Absolutely not as the end results are not good at all.

5) What do you think about its price?

a)   It is fairly priced considering its uses and results

b)   It is exorbitantly priced.

c)   It grants absolute value for anybody’s money.

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