A teacher training survey is used to fetch the required feedback from the on roll teachers, who are seeking to attend suitable training schedules. This survey is based on the questions answered by the interested teacher to provider certain facts on the basis of their experience and requirements.

Sample Teacher Training Survey:

Q1. Have you ever attended this teacher training survey before?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Others: ______________

Q2. How long have you been serving as a teacher?

  • More than a year
  • More than three years
  • More than five years
  • Other remarks: ________________

Q3. Have you ever attended any teacher training institute?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Never

Q4. Why do you feel that you require teacher training?

  • To sharpen my teaching skills
  • To improve my communication skills
  • To enhance my knowledge to understand the widen horizons of teaching
  • Others, please mention: _________________________

Q5. How would you like to attend your teacher training schedules?

  • On Sundays only
  • On holidays
  • Everyday part time schedule
  • ___________________

Q6. From which training source would you like to attend you teacher training schedules?

  • From private training provider
  • Government teacher training institutions
  • Others, please mentions:   ________________________

Q7. What duration of teacher training schedule would you prefer?

  • Six months
  • Eight months
  • A year
  • Others: _____________________

Q8.  Please write a little more about yourself to help us in understanding your teacher training requirements more closely:


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