A Technical training survey is a survey which is conducted by companies to know about the technical training given to employees. These surveys are directed towards the technical trainees so as to judge whether or not the trainees are satisfied with the technical training given to them or not. These surveys are in the form of questionnaires which have multiple answers out of which the respondent has to select one option.

Technical training survey sample:

1. Has the budget of training of your company increased, decreased or stayed the same due to the global economic challenges?

a) Increased

b) Decreased

c) Stayed the same

2. How much money does your company spend on the technical training in a year?

a) $0-$2000

b) $2000-$10000

c) $10000-$30000

d) $30000-$50000

3. How exactly do you meet your training needs?

a) Online instructions

b) Books/reading

c) In house training

d) Supplier training

4. What are your views about the technical training methods used by your company?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Satisfactory

d) Not satisfactory

5. Are your training experts helpful and knowledgeable?

a) Yes, very helpful

b) Yes, they are okay

c) Not so good

d) Not at all helpful

6. Did you benefit from the technical training provided?

a) Yes

b) No

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