A technology assessment survey is one that aims to identify the pros and cons of the technology that is in use. The survey is essential so as to improve its functions and bring down the parameters that are deterrent to it. Apart from this, the survey is also useful in checking the overall status and level of usage of the technology to bring about an optimum utilization in the organization. The survey is simple and the respondents are ones who make use of the technology in an organization.

Sample Technology Assessment Survey

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1)      Please provide the areas of work where you make use of technology in your organization and working?


2)      How do you think technology has helped you in providing better productivity to your working in your organization?

a)      It has improved speed.

b)      It has improved quality of work.

c)      It has improved accuracy.

d)     It has improved work turnout

3)      How do you ensure to keep technology functional at all times so that it does not affect the work in your organization?

a)      Have a 24/7 technical team to provide assistance with technology issues.

b)      Ensure regular technology maintenance at periodic intervals

c)      Outsourced the upkeep of technology to external organization.

d)     Handle technology issues as and when they crop up.

4)      What is the percentage of financial resources of your organization that has been allocated to improvement in technology?

a)      2%

b)      5%

c)      10%

d)     15%

5)      Have all your employees been trained in your organization to make good use of technology?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Not sure

6)      Do you think there is a need to improvise or upgrade the technology that your organization is making use of at present? If yes please suggest the changes that are required?


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