A technology planning survey is one that is undertaken by an organization which is in the process of implementing a new technology. The survey helps in proper scheduling of the various aspects involved in technology. It is an important survey so as to ensure that the various resources required for the technology are utilized optimally. The survey seeks information which relates to the time frame of the technology, life cycle and necessary tools for its successful initiation.

A sample technology planning survey has been provided here under for best use.

Sample Technology Planning Survey

1. Why do you think there is a need for implementation of this new technology in the organization?

a) Faster work process

b) Better efficiency in working

c) More accuracy in data output

d) Easy accessibility to information

2. What is the life cycle of this technology plan?

a) One year

b) Two years

c) Three years

d) More than three years

3. What are the necessary tools that are required to implement this new technology successfully?


4. Is this technology implementation of a temporary nature or permanent nature?

a) Temporary

b) Permanent

5. Has the market orientation for the implementation of the new technology been assessed?

a) Yes

b) No

6. What is the source of investment for financing the new technology implementation?

a) Self finance

b) Institutional borrowing

7. Do you agree that technology change can provide impetus to the growth and sustenance of the company in future?

a) Strongly agree

b) Strongly disagree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Totally disagree

8. What is the percentage of risk involved in the use of new technology?

a) Five percent

b) Ten percent

c) Fifteen percent

d) More than fifteen percent

9. Are the backup plans for the new technology in place?

a) Yes

b) No

10. What is planning that has been taking in terms of hiring skilled persons to implement the new technology?


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