Online Surveys are big time in craze. Here are the list of top 10 online surveys that are known for their credibility all over the world.

1.Survey savvy: they have a huge membership base to boast off. A large number of people actually resort to this website to earn money. As many ,as a few millions of people are known to be associated with this online survey website.

2.Survey Head: this is a comparatively newer website. The best part about the website is that unlike other websites where one needs o pay registration fees to take surveys, this website actually pays a welcome bonus to the tune of 5 dollars for one to start with.

3.Brand institute: This website mainly caters to doctors and nurses.

4.Toluna USA: earlier known as Your2cents this website allows one adult person from each house to take surveys and get paid for them.

5.Global test market: this is known to pay out in cash once the bounty reaches $ 50.

6.NFO my Survey: was started way back in the 1940’s one gets a chance to earn huge sums of money each month from this site. The monthly amount can go up to $10000.

7.Ipsos survey: this website has members all over the world that  ensure that a variety and interesting twist is added to the surveys listed here.

8.Survey spot: started in 1970 anybody above the age of 18 can register and start taking surveys

9.E Poll .com: This website makes you try out new products and in return gifts vouchers.

  1. : this website is mainly aims at the youngsters .

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