Training and development survey is conducted to obtain an overview of overall training activities.  With the help of trainee feedback, a training institution brings some changes and expected policies for future improvements.

Training and Development Survey Samples

Q.1 During our training course, did you learn to identify weaknesses and strengths inside you?

(a)  Yes

(b)  No

(c) Not sure

Q2. Are you satisfied with the growth of your professional and personal attitude?

(a)   Fully satisfied

(b)   Average

(c) Dissatisfied

(d)    Do not know

Q3. How do you rate the knowledge and skills of our instructors?

(a)     Excellent

(b)     Good

(c) Neutral

(d)   Dissatisfactory

Q4. Do you agree that after this training programme you will avail numerous career opportunities?

(a)     Strongly agree

(b) Agree

(c) Disagree

Q5. Was this training program sufficient to enhance your presentation and negotiation skills?

(a)   Yes

(b)   To some extent

(c) No

Q6. Kindly mention if you would like to update us on our weaknesses and other factors for better programmes?

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