As the name depicts, this program is organized to measure the effectiveness of training modules, staff efficiency and techniques used for training. After competition of the training level, a form is offered to the trainees and they are asked for their feedback to complete training effectiveness survey.

Training Effectiveness Survey Sample:

Q1. Do you agree that the degree of Congruence between the training objectives and training needs was balanced?

(a)    Strongly agree

(b)     Absolutely balanced

(c) Somewhat balanced

(d)     Not sure

Q2. How do you evaluate the effectiveness of our training quality?

(a)       Outstanding

(b)    Good

(c) Fair

(d)   Poor

Q3 Do you agree that senior instructors were able to understand your requirements and were supportive during practical classes?

(a)   Yes

(b)    Somewhat

(c) No

Q4. How do you evaluate our performance?

(a)   Excellent

(b)  Good

(c) Fair

Q5. Rate the training methodology of our training institutions?

(a)     Brilliant

(b)     Satisfactory

(c) Fair

Q6. Would you like to promote our training programme by referring to your friends and colleagues?

(a)     Yes

(b)     No

(c) Not sure

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