Training evaluation template incorporates several evaluation questions regarding training staff, academy environment and standards. This evaluation template is beneficial for training academy or institution not only towards improving and implementing new policies but also to measure the impact of training program on trainees’ mind.

Training Evaluation Template Sample

Q1. Are you satisfied with the quality of our training?

(a)   Yes

(b)   No

(c) Not sure

Q2. How do you rate the behaviour of our training staff?

(a)  Very good

(b) Fine

(c) Dissatisfactory

Q3. Do you think that the academy training program was productive for you?

(a)   Strongly agree

(b)   Agree

(c) Disagree

(d) D not know

Q4. How satisfied you are with the professionalism of our instructors?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Satisfied

(c) Dissatisfied

Q5. From which source did you hear about our training programs?

(a)    Word- of- mouth

(b)   Electronic media

(c) Print media

Q6. Kindly suggest us effective measures to improve our training standards?

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