Training needs assessment is a method to determine the exact needs and requirements of employees during training. For this, a questionnaire survey form is set up for enhancing the standards and policies to provide better training in future.

Training Needs Assessment Survey Sample:

Q1. Please choose the courses in which you need training?

(a)  Sales& Marketing

(b)  HR Department

(c) Administration

(d)   Accounts & Finance

Q2. Why do you need training in the above chosen field?

(a)  To improve learning skills

(b)  To understand the depth of field

(c) To set up my career

(d) To get perfection in work

Q3. How long can you go through this training?

(a)  Four months

(b)   Six months

(c) eight months

(d)   Not sure

Q5. Are you satisfied with material of the course offered to you?

(a)   Yes

(b)   No

(c) Not sure

Q6. Would you like to suggest this training program to your friends and colleagues?



(c)Not sure

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