Training satisfaction survey is a conducted by the training institution and academy to find out the satisfaction level that a trainee has achieved from a particular training program. Satisfaction survey is an effective tool which is used by training institutions for the improvement of the process of training.

Training Satisfaction survey sample:

Q1. Is it your first time to join us as a trainee?

(a)      Yes

(b)      no our special training pack sufficient to help you in solving case studies related to your department?

(a)      Yes

(b)      No

(c) Not sure

Q3.Do you agree that the information and training received from us will be beneficial for you in future?

(a) Strongly agree

(b) Agree

(c) Neutral

(d)  Disagree

Q4. How do you evaluate our training program?

(a)                        Excellent

(b)  Good

(c) Fair

(d)   Poor

Q5. Kindly provide us your valuable feedback regarding our training material so that we can serve you even better?

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