Training survey is a vital aspect of a training institution or an organization. Motive of a training survey program is to evaluate the policies, measure the training techniques and improve the ethics of the training institution which are useful to be in competition and attracts attention of future trainees.

Training Survey Examples Sample:

Q1. Please provide your training details?

Q2. Which was the best session of the training that you enjoyed the most?

(a)    Interaction with instructors

(b) Group discussion

(c) Practical session

(d)                        None of above

Q3. Did our training courses was appropriate as per your designation and expectations?

(a)                      Yes

(b)                      No

(c) Somewhat

Q4. What was that thing with which you were not satisfied during the training?

(a)    Environment of institution

(b)     Behaviour of instructors and staff

(c) Practical/ theoretical techniques

(d) If any others, please specify

Q.5 Would you like to suggest us some ideas for the improvement of our training programmes?

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