Training survey form is helpful to maintain the current training standards and add few more effective policies to meet the expectations and requirements of the trainees and employees. This form is a mixture of questions to understand the psychology of trainees.

Training Survey Form Sample

Q.1 What did you like the most in our training program?

(a)                        Instructors

(b)                        Techniques of training

(c) Environment

Q2. Were you comfortable with your co trainers and instructors during training?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

(c) Not much

Q3. Rate your technical experience with us?

(a)                        Excellent

(b)                        Good

(c) Average

(d)                        Fair

Q4. Were the instructions and tact’s provided to you related to your field easily understandable?

(a)                        Agree

(b)                        Neutral

(c) Disagree

Q5. Was our training duration sufficient to meet your expectations? Choose one.

(a)                        Outstanding

(b)                        Good

(c) Fair

(d)                        Poor

Q6. What would you like to suggest us to make our next training program more effective?

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