Training survey template is a format in which different attributes and factors are provided with options to judge the opinion of each trainee for better training in future and meet the satisfaction level to be in top ranking with other training institutions.

Training Survey Template Sample:

Q.1 By whom you were referred to our training academy?

(a)                        Friends

(b)                        Colleagues

(c) Official training

(d)                        External source

Q.2 Rate our overall training program.

(a)  Excellent

(b)  Satisfactory

(c)  Fine

(d). Below average

Q.3 Have you ever attended any training program before with our training academy?

(a). Yes.

(b). No

Q.4 How do you find the communication skills of our instructors with trainees?

(a) Very good

(b) Good

(c) Fair

(d) Not satisfactory

Q.5 Would you like to refer our training academy to your colleagues and friends?

(a) Yes


(c)Not sure

Q.6 If you want to provide us any suggestions, kindly write in the two- three lines.

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