Training survey is the method of examining the effectiveness of a training program after it has been meted out. The trainees are questioned either during the training session or after it is complete. Like job incumbents are the best persons to throw light on the details of the job they do, trainees are the best people to approach to understand the usefulness of the lessons learnt in the training program.

Training Survey Template

Training Survey Template

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New Employee Survey

New Employee Survey

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Survey Report Template in Google Docs

Survey Report Template in Google Docs

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Student Survey Word Template

Student Survey Word Template

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It is now widely accepted that one who shows promise in the training course is the one who can bring success to a company. Thus the training should be accurately planned as it is the training scheme that lays down the groundwork of a prospective employee. Thus an organization must see to it that:

  • Training surveys are conducted online or through face-to-face interviews.
  • The questions are framed in a fashion that the responses elicited by them are exactly to the point and reveal the extent to which the trainees have picked up knowledge and skills.
  • Questions are asked sequentially as assessing the accuracy of the answers is the trickiest part of the game owing to the vagaries of the responses.
  • The survey comes to a conclusion after questioning all members.

Training Survey Template

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