The mode of transportation of products is very important in any type of business. Thus it is necessary to have the correct mode of transport for the smooth running of the business. A transport planning survey helps in planning and choosing the correct mode of transport. This survey is used mainly by business organizations to improve their mode of transport.

Transport Planning Survey Sample

1. What kind of industry is your company into or what is the product manufactured by the company?

a) Chemical

b) Automobile

c) Energy

d) Garments

e) Food or beverage

f) Other (please specify) _____________

2. What is the average distance of all the organizations where the products are delivered?

a) Less than 100 kilo meters

b) More than 100 kilo meters

3. What is the mode of transport in your organization?

a) Truck

b) Car

c) Ship

d) bus

4. Do you think that any change is required in the current mode of transport?

a) Yes

b) No

5. Which is more important for your organization?

a) Timely delivery of products

b) Safe delivery of products

c) Both are equally important

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