A Travel activities and motivation survey is a survey which is used to know the travel activities which people like to indulge in when they are travelling somewhere and to know the motivational factors of travelling. These kinds of surveys are specifically asked from a group of people and based on their answers; the organisation conducting the survey comes to a conclusion about the travel activities and motivation factor behind the trip. The survey of this kind is in the form of a questionnaire which consists of multiple answers to choose from.

Travel activities and motivation survey sample:

1. How often do you travel outside your city in a year?

a) 0-2 times

b) 2-5 times

c) 5-7 times

d) 7-10 times

e) More than 10 times

2. What is the motivational factor or reason of these travel plans?

a) Business purpose

b) Leisure purpose

c) Meeting friends or relatives

d) Other purpose

3. What kind of activities do you like to indulge in on a leisure travel plan?

a) Trekking

b) Safari

c) Water sports

d) Other(please specify)

4. Who accompanies you on most of your trips?

a) Friends/relatives/family

b) Colleagues

c) No one

d) Other

5. How often do you move from one city (country) to another on a trip?

a) None

b) Once

c) Twice

d) More than 2 times

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