Travel Behaviour is a survey which is organised and conducted to observe the travel behaviour trend by presenting with a questionnaire to a section of people. By answering these questions, a common behaviour pattern is evaluated based on which results are cornered. Travel behaviour surveys are conducted by travel companies and can be of the form where multiple choices are given out of which one has to be picked as the answer.

Travel Behaviour Survey Sample:

1. How often do you travel out of the city in a year on an average?

a) 0-3 times

b) 3-8 times

c) 8-12 times

d) More than 12 times

2. What is the purpose of these travel outings?(You can tick more than one choice)

a) Work purpose

b) Visit relative

c) Holiday purpose

d) If Other(Please specify)

3. What mode of transport do you take for these travels mostly?

a) Train

b) Car

c) Airplane

d) Bus

e) If Other(Please specify)

4. What time of the year do you prefer travelling?

a) Summer

b) Winter

c) Spring

d) Autumn

5. Who are the people who generally accompany you?

a) I travel alone mostly

b) Family/relatives

c) Friends

d) Colleagues

6. Are you happy with your travel pattern and behaviour?

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