Travel Dreams survey is a survey which is generally conducted by travel industries around the world to gather information about the dreams people have about travelling and travel destinations. Such surveys are conducted on large scales and are not limited to a small sect of people. These surveys consist of a set of questions which can to be either answered subjectively or objectively by ticking the right choice out of the given choices. What these surveys do is that they help to grasp the traveller’s interest and dreams.

Travel Dreams Survey Sample:

  1. What according to you is the best continent destination you have visited so far?

a)   USA

b)   Asia

c)   Africa

d)   Australia

e)   Other

  1. If given a chance, which is the one place that forms your dream travel destination?

a)   Australia

b)   Italy

c)   Greece

d)   Paris

e)   South Africa

f)    Hong Kong

g)   Other

  1. What is your idea of travelling?

a)   Work purpose

b)   Adventure sports

c)   Relaxing/reading/Peace searching/beauty gazing

d)   Exploring new places/shopping

  1. Out of the following which kind of a place would you include in your dream travel destination?

a)   One with beaches/sea/water bodies

b)   One with hills and mountains

c)   Desert safari

d)   Forest safari

e)   Plains

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