Travel Industry Survey is that kind of a survey which is conducted to evaluate the travel industry’s growth and popularity. These kinds of surveys are in the form of questionnaires which consist of multiple choices to pick one and answer. They are an easy and cheap way to come to a conclusion about the trends in the travel industry. What these surveys do is that they let the industry develop and improve its faults to serve the people in a better way.

Travel Industry’s Survey Sample:

1. How many clients do you book in a way to travel outside the city?

a) 0-5

b) 5-10

c) 10-20

d) More than 20

2. Which is the hot favourite destination right now in the industry?

a) India

b) Australia

c) China

d) America

e) Other

3. Which means of transport do you think more clients prefer out of the following?

a) Airplanes

b) Trains

c) Buses

d) Cars

e) Others

4. Which continent brings you maximum business?

a) Asia

b) Australia

c) America

d) Africa

5. What out of the following do you think most people prefer?

a) Water sports

b) Cruise

c) Sight seeing

d) Shopping

6. How do you think is the travel industry growing right now? Please give your comments.

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