A Travel intention survey is that kind of a survey which is conducted by travel agencies or industries all around the globe. Such a survey helps these organisations to probe the business and leisure travel intention and behaviour of people from different sections of the society. The questions asked in such a survey are generally objective type and have to have multiple choices to go with them. These surveys bring out the travel outlook and overall data of the travelling people.

Travel Intention Survey Sample:

1. How often have you travelled on a business trip in the last 12 months?

a) 0-3 times

b) 3-7 times

c) 7-10 times

d) More than 10 times

2. How often have you travelled on a leisure trip in the last 12 months?

e) 0-3 times

f) 3-7 times

g) 7-10 times

h) More than 10 times

3. Have you any intentions of travelling either on a business or on a leisure trip in the coming 12 months?

a) Yes

b) No

4. Are these travels made within the country or outside the country mostly?

a) Within the country

b) Outside the country

c) Both equally

5. How much on an average do you spend on travelling in a year?

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