A travel survey template is a prepared format of a travelling survey which can be used by mentioning few details. This survey template consists of various factors related to the overall satisfaction of the travellers.

Sample Travel Survey Template:

Name: ______________

Sex: _______________

Address: ____________

Date of travelling: ____/____/_____ [basic information of the survey participant]

Q1. Did you ever fly with us?

  • Yes
  • No [a specific answer is chosen in order to express if the participant is a regular client]

Q2. Did you find the flight facilities comfortable?

  • Yes
  • No [an answer is given to rate the flight facilities]

Q3. Please rate your overall experience with us?

  • Outstanding
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Satisfactory [an answer is chosen to rate the satisfaction level]

Q4. Do you like our fair policy?

  • Yes
  • No [evaluation of a fair policy]

Q5. Would you like you travel with our airline next time?

  • Yes
  • No [future plans of the participant will be disclosed]

Q6. Please provide your valuable suggestions to serve you better:

___________________ [a theoretical answer given by the customer to provide the suggestions]

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