Travel surveys are those surveys which are aimed at getting information about either a travel destination or about the person’s choice of a place that he likes to travel the most.There can be other different types of travel surveys too depending upon the purpose of the survey.

Travel surveys are usually in written form or in the form of questionnaires,but sometimes such surveys can also be oral.In case of written surveys,there must be enough questions to get the desired result out.These questions can either be objective or subjective depending upon the nature of the answer.

Travel surveys have to be carefully framed because the questions asked or the places named in the questions have to be precise and the information must be correct.Even the choices for answers must be given after clear understaning and research on the subject.

The following are the few points which can prove to be helpful in order to frame a correct travel survey:

  • The purpose and objective of the survey must be clear in mind before framing the questions.
  • It is optional to ask for name and other personal details of the applicant taking the survey.
  • Questions should be short and precise and all the probable choices of answers must be given.
  • Travel surveys which are subjective in nature must have enough space left for the answers to be written.

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