A Travel to work survey is a survey which is conducted when organisations wants to evaluate or know how much time employees take to travel to work both through and forth. This is an effective way to bring to knowledge what difficulties they take to reach to work and how time could be utilised in a better way by making some changes and improvements. Any travel to work survey is in the form of a questionnaire which is easy to answer and consists of multiple choice answers.

Travel to work survey sample:

1. What time do you start from home and end up at work place?

Start: Finish:

2. Which all days in a week do you work?

3. Which of the following mediums do you use to travel to work?

a) Personal car

b) Bus

c) Metro

d) Auto Rickshaw

e) Company’s cab

f) Other

4. How far do you stay from place of work?

a) 1 Mile

b) 1-5 miles

c) 5-10 miles

d) 10-20 miles

e) More

5. How much total time do you spend on travelling to and from work?

a) 0-15 mins

b) 15-30 mins

c) 30-60 mins

d) More

6. How much do you spend on travelling per day?

(Write the amount)

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