Travel trends survey is one of the most important tools for travel industries to judge or evaluate the ongoing trends in the travel behaviour of the common man. These surveys are framed in such a way that the answers to the questions help identifying the popular needs and demands of people from their travelling. The questionnaire is objective in nature which means each question has a set of probable answers out of which one has to be selected. On evaluation of many such survey answers, one gets to formulate results.

Travel Trends Survey Sample:

1. How many times in a year do you travel outside your city?

a) 0-2 times

b) 2-6 times

c) 6-10 times

d) More than 10 times

2. How do you make most of these travel trips?

a) By train

b) By air

c) By own means of transport

d) Other

3. What is the purpose of majority of these trips?

a) Business

b) Leisure

c) Meeting friends and relatives

d) Other

4. How many days do your trips last generally?

a) 0-1 day

b) 1-3 days

c) 3-10 days

d) More than 10 days

5. How many of these trips take you outside your country?

a) 0-1

b) 1-3

c) 3-7

d) 7-10

e) More than 10

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