True colour personality survey is a revolutionary tool, which helps the participants to educate them about their real personality traits With the help of these surveys, an individual can learn better about his professional attitude and personal relationships, sentiments & bound he shares with near & dear ones.

Sample True Colours Personality Survey:

Q1. Have ever participated in a true colours personality survey?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. I prefer to work:

  • Along
  • In a team
  • I often be:
  • Late on my work
  • Always be on time
  • Sometimes late

Q3. I take my important decisions on the basis of

  • Rational analysis
  • With consulting colleagues / friends
  • Going with my gut feelings

Q4. I would often be seen as being:

  • Practical person
  • Logical person
  • Sentimental thinker

Q5. I do prefer in my routine:

  • Variety of jobs
  • Entertainment with work
  • Prefer to work in a standard format of rules

Q6. I often get bored with:

  • Much of writing work
  • Sitting at a same place
  • With official rules

Q7. I value my:

  • Privacy
  • Enjoy making an impact
  • Attracting the attention of others

Q8. I learn more easily from:

  • Reading books
  • Doing something consistently
  • Practically performing particular duties

Q9. I tend to:

  • Break rules if it is necessary
  • I always follow the rules strictly

Q10. In case of some sort of problem:

  • I am a quick thinker
  • I call friends for help
  • I seek help from family

Q11. Would you like to specify here more about your personality:


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