A survey is a form of a medium which is used to get information from a source or from a group of people. Any survey is in the form of an oral or written questionnaire which consists of questions that are relevant to the topic or the theme. Based on the responses of people, survey conducting organisations can evaluate certain results and come to certain conclusions. A survey can be of many types depending upon the topic, target audience, type of questions etc.

Surveys are conducted for a number of purpose and by various organisations, individuals, companies or entities. It is always advisable to frame a survey carefully after technically checking the questions and the options given for answers. One must also know what type of questions to put in a survey as this is what determines the success of a survey. The following points shall be helpful in knowing the type of questions to be used in a survey.

  • It is always advisable for a survey to have mostly objective or close ended questions. These questions are quickly answered by respondents and can thus help in saving considerable amount of time.
  • One must research the material that is used in framing the questions because the questions must be technically correct and full proof.
  • In case of objective type questions, the choices given must be adequate and no probably choice should be left out.
  • One must try and limit the length of a question and must try to make it as brief and precise as possible. This is because; lengthy questions are not very interesting for the respondents and can diminish their interest in the survey.
  • It should also be kept in mind that too many questions or irrelevant questions must be avoided in order to make a good survey.

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