Types of survey questions

When a company decides about the survey and subject on which the survey is to be based, the next step is to focus on the type of questions suitable for survey subject.  The count of questions, nature of questions and types of buttons totally depend upon the motive of the survey.

Survey questions are basically of two types:

  • Open- ended Survey Questions:

Open- ended survey questions enable the customers to reply in their own words. There is no option to choose. Such type of questions provide confident and quality response rate.

  • Close- ended Survey Questions:

Close- ended survey questions allow the respondent to choose an option from the given alternatives. A number of probable answers are written below the question and customers are asked to select the option which they feel is appropriate. Close-ended questions are of following types:

  • Multiple choices
  • Ordinary
  • Likert- scale
  • Categorical
  • Numerical

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