A survey is an unbiased method of getting a person or group’s opinion about a product or a service. Surveys are of great use since they help a company or an organisation to improve and develop them wherever necessary. Survey is quite a broad term and has many sub categories and types under it. The following are the types of surveys:

1. Written survey

Any survey which is printed or hand written is a written survey. These surveys are categorised as the following:

a) Mail Survey

A mail survey is a survey which is sent to a particular group or random people through mail. Interested candidates can fill in the questions of the survey and send it back to the sender.

b) Group administered questionnaires

A group administered survey is a kind of a written survey which is conducted with a selected group of people asking them to preferably gather in one place and fill in the survey paper.

c) Drop Off Survey

Drop off surveys are conducted when the organising committee doesnt have a select group of people in mind to answer the survey and randomly drop off survey papers to different houses or offices.

2. Oral Survey

Any survey which requires no written material and is conducted orally is called an oral survey. They are the kind of a survey which is used to get a response out of the respondent in a more personal or informal way. These surveys may also consist of many questions but are generally subjective in nature.

3. Electronic Survey

As the world of internet is growing, more and more people are interested in filling up online surveys which are available at different websites. These kind of surveys can be posted online or sent through mails and even be distributed through the publicly available computers in high traffic areas.

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