A vacation planning survey is a survey usually taken to understand how an individual would plan his vacation. It is very important for a vacation to be a fun filled one and that is possible only if it is planned beforehand. This survey benefits the travel agencies as it helps them to understand the needs of their customer and provide good service.

Vacation Planning Survey Sample

1. What is your purpose of taking a vacation?

a) To have fun

b) To relax

c) For reclusion

2. What kind of environment would you prefer for your vacation?

a) Hill station

b) Sea side

c) Mountains

d) Forest

3. With whom arte taking this vacation?

a) Alone

b) Friends

c) Family

4. What is the budget that you have planned for your vacation?

a) More than $1000

b) Less than $1000

c) Less than $500

5. What are the activities that you would prefer doing in your vacation?


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