Vendor Fair surveys are those surveys where vendors have to fill in questionnaires in order to let the fair organisations evaluate their performance at a fair and compare it with that of other vendors. Such fair surveys are in the form of questions with multiple choices out of which one has to be ticked or encircled. These surveys are important for organisations to judge the level of response which has been attained by the vendors and their products.

Vendor Fair Survey Sample:

1. How did you hear about this event?

a) From newspaper/magazine

b) Fellow vendor

c) Posters

d) Got an invite from the organisation team

2. How many people stopped by your counter per hour on an average?

a) 0-10

b) 10-20

c) 20-30

d) More than 30

3. How many products did u sell throughout the event?

a) 1-10

b) 10-50

c) 50-100

d) More than 100

4. Would you participate in the fair again?

a) Yes, sure

b) Most probably

c) Not sure

d) No

5. Have any of the vendees contacted you after the fair?

a) Yes

b) No

6. What did you think about the arrangements at the fair?

a) Really well organised and conducted

b) Could have been improved

c) It was mismanaged

d) Terrible

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