Vendor Feedback Survey is a method by which vendors can get an insight into the kind of impression vendees have on their products and services. These kinds of surveys are generally in the form of questionnaires which are used to evaluate the feedback directly from the vendees. The questions are easy to understand and directly bring about the results in a quick way. The importance of vendor feedback surveys lies in the fact that they help vendors to improve upon their weaknesses.

Vendor Feedback Survey Sample:

1. How long have you been purchasing products from our company?

a) Just started

b) About an year

c) More than 1 year

d) More than 5 years

2. Is the product quality up to the expected standards?

a) Yes, completely

b) Somewhat

c) Not really

d) Not at all

3. Do the staff and the manager behave in a professional manner?

a) Yes they are very professional

b) No

4. What do you think about the delivery and packaging?

a) Extremely good

b) Pretty okay

c) Could be improves a little

d) Not impressive

5. Have you ever felt unsatisfied in any way?

a) Yes, on many occasions

b) Sometimes

c) rarely

d) Never

6. Any suggestions that you would like to add?

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