A vendor management survey is used in order to assess the management capabilities of a vendor. These types of surveys help the companies who wish to avail the services of the vendor that whether or not that particular vendor will be able to match up with their expectations. The vendor management survey can be conducted for an individual vendor or a vendor company.

Sample Vendor Management Survey

1. What kind of products do you usually deal with or what kind of service do you offer?


2. If you deal with products, what is the mode of purchase for you products?


3. Do you agree that all the staff hired by you are approved?

a) Strongly agree

b) Agree

c) Some what agree

d) Disagree

4. Do you set up standardized job descriptions for the staff?

a) Always

b) Often

c) Sometimes

d) Rarely

e) Never

5. In which part of your business do you allocate most of your budget?

a) Ware housing

b) Staffing

c) Making delivery of products

6. Are you able to manage customer demand on time?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) No, not at all

7. If the answer to the above question is no, what is the reason behind not being able to manage customer demand on time?


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