A Vendor performance survey is an important survey for all vendors to evaluate the level of satisfaction that the vendees have from the overall performance of the vendor and his products. These kinds of surveys are generally conducted in the form of written questionnaires which help to get a set of opinions which eventually goes down to the evaluation of a common perspective. The questions can have multiple choice answers which are supposed to be ticked or encircled.

Vendor Performance Survey Sample:

1. Name of the vendee:

2. What do you think about the quality of products:

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Ordinary

d) Bad

3. What do you think about the prices:

a) Competitive

b) High priced

c) Sometimes high

d) Low

4. How the vendor’s record in meeting deadlines:

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Frequently late

d) Always late

5. How do they handle requests and complaints:

a) Vendor is cooperative and responsible

b) Vendor is sometimes responsible but not so most of the times

c) Vendor is really difficult to reach and deal with

d) Extremely non cooperative

6. How is the vendor in giving technical help and assistance:

a) Handles pretty nicely

b) Slow but fair

c) Really difficult to handle

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