Vendor Quality Survey is a survey which is conducted in order to test the quality of the products sold by the vendor. The survey consists of a number of questions which are asked from a group of vendees in order to get different opinions which shall be evaluated to pass a verdict on the vendor quality. Such surveys help the vendor to improve the quality of the products in order to satisfy the vendee.

Vendor Quality Survey Sample:

1. Name of your company:

2. Company Address:

3. Type of product supplied to your company:

4. How long have you been buying products from the vendor:

a) Less than 6 months

b) About an year

c) Less than 2 years

d) More than 2 years

5. Has there been any complaint in the quality of the product or products at any point in time:

a) Yes

b) No

6. Has the complaint been repeated or reoccurred?

a) Yes

b) No

7. Have you received order late at any occasion?

a) Yes

b) No

8. How would you rate overall quality satisfaction level :

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Not very satisfied

d) Not at all satisfied

9. Are there any suggestions that you would like to propose?

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