It is necessary to check the details about the vendor referred to provide a certain service or sell a certain product. Thus it is very essential to conduct a survey to assess that the vendor referred meets all the required parameters and in order to assess such parameters a vendor reference check survey is conducted.

Sample Vendor reference Check Survey

1. What is the main purpose of referring this vendor?

a) Service charge is within budget

b) Has good reputation

c) Has good amount of experience

d) Provides quality service

e) Others, Please specify: __________________

2. Has this vendor provided hi service before to this organization?

a) Yes, earlier it did

b) No, this is the first time

3. Once the contract term of the vendor is over, would you be looking for other vendors?

a) Yes

b) Maybe

c) No

4. What gives this vendor an edge over other vendors reviewed by you that you selected him?


5. Do you have any idea about the financial condition of the vendor and do you feel that the vendor is financial stable?


6. How did you get to know about the vendor that you referred?

a) Word of mouth

b) Advertisement

c) Hoardings

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