A Vendor responsibility survey is used to assess the responsibilities of the concerned vendor. These types of surveys help to know that whether the vendor is aware about his responsibilities and carrying out it efficiently or not.

Vendor Responsibility Survey Sample

1. Is your vendor agency registered under the state law?

A. Yes.

B. Not yet.

C. We have applied for that.

2. How would you rate the business relations with previous clients?

A. Very good.

B. Satisfactory.

C. Average.

3. Does the vendor have insurance cover against natural calamities and other accidents/plunder?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Not for natural hazards.

D. Soon we will get it.

4. Is the vendor agency agreeing with legal documents of contract and the renewal conditions?

A. Yes.

B. To a certain extent.

C. No.

D. Need some clarifications.

5. Are you aware of legal consequences of contract violation?

A. Yes.

B. Very Much

C. Not completely.

6. Are you aware about all your duties and responsibilities?

A. Yes

B. No

C. To great extent

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