When an organization hires or enters into a contract with a vendor, there can be chances of security hazards as the vendor may be dealing with all the confidential information of the organization. Thus a vendor security survey is conducted to minimize the risk arising from hiring a vendor by assessing about the integrity of the vendor.

Sample Vendor Security Survey

1. Have you ever entered into a contract with the vendor before?

a) No, this is the first time

b) Yes, number of times earlier

2. If the answer to the above question is yes, was there any incident of breach of security by the vendor?

a) Yes

b) No

3. The job for which you are hiring the vendor, has the vendor got to deal with confidential information of the organization?

a) Always

b) Often

c) Sometimes

d) Rarely

e) Never

4. Do you agree that you have done enough research before entering into a contract with the vendor?

a) Strongly agree

b) Agree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Disagree

5. What are the security measures that the organization takes while entering into a contract with a vendor?


6. Would the vendor be conducting their job during office hours or during off days?

a) During office hours

b) On off days



Security Assessments

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