A Vendor survey form contains all the information about a vendor firm, such as, their operating procedure, facilities they are having and their staff efficiency. These information are necessary for a manufacturing company before hiring a vendor firm.

Vendor Survey Form Sample

1. Does your organization fulfill the quality criteria set by most companies?

A. Very much.

B. Not completely.

C. To a certain limit.

2. Do you have efficient technical staff and maintenance units?

A. Yes to a large extent

B. We are still in the process of hiring good candidates

3. Do you have a regular audit and inspection mechanism?

A. Yes.

B. Often.

C. No.

D. Occasionally.

4. Are you following the quality control and manufacturing process manuals before making supply?

A. Yes.

B. To a certain extent.

C. Not regularly.

5. Do you have a sound regulatory manual for in house procedures?

A. Yes in detail

B. No.

C. To a large extent

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