A wardrobe planning survey helps to improve an individual’s fashion sense and his knowledge about the kinds of clothes required to have a good wardrobe. This survey helps in the planning process of a wardrobe. This survey benefits mostly fashion designers and also those individuals who have a fascination for good clothes.

Wardrobe Planning Survey Sample

1. What kind of clothes do you prefer mostly to be there in your wardrobe?

a) Formal clothes

b) Casual clothes

c) Semi formal clothes

2. Are you more of a denim person or trouser person?

a) Denim person

b) Trouser person

3. What is the material of cloth that you prefer in your wardrobe the most?

a) Cotton

b) Linen

c) Nylon

d) Woolen

4. Are you a person who wants designer clothes in his wardrobe?

a) Yes

b) No

5. What is the total budget that you have for the clothes in your wardrobe?

a) Less than $1000

b) More than $1000

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