A wealth management survey is an important tool for financial planning and management. It can be used by either individuals or financial institutions to increase growth, add to revenues and formulate future business strategies.

Wealth Management Survey Sample

1) Please give details of the people who are dependent on you.

a. Name:

b. Date of birth:

c. Relation:

2) Specify the estimated value of your spouse’s assets.


3) Do you own a car? If yes, when and at what amount did you buy it?

a. Price:

b. Date:

4) Do you own a house? Please mention the purchase amount and date.

a. Price:

b. Date:

5) Do you own any property that you have leased out? If yes, please mention the following:

a. Date of purchase:

b. Cost:

c. Monthly income:

d. Monthly expense:

6) Have you taken any loan? If yes, please mention the total amount with the interest due.


7) Please mention your income details:

a. Employment salary:

b. Bonus:

c. Self-employment earnings:

d. Others:

8) Specify your expenses:

a. Housing:

b. Food:

c. Transportation:

d. Medical:

e. Entertainment:

f. Others:

9) Please outline your investments

a. Stocks:

b. Mutual funds:

c. Bullion:

d. Bank schemes

e. Others

9) Do you have a will?

a. Yes

b. No

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