A Web Browser Survey is the kind of a survey which is in the form of questions which are meant to evaluate the user’s satisfaction level or performance level of the web browser he/ she uses. Such surveys are generally helpful for evaluating functioning of a web browser and to get a set of different opinion from a group of people. The questions which are posed are really easy to understand and to answer. The whole process is quick and convenient.

Web Browser Survey Sample:

1. Is your computer/laptop/system new?

1) Yes

2) No

3) Don’t own one

2. What is the name of the operating system that you use currently?

1) Windows XP Home

2) Windows Vista

3) Windows 7

4) Windows 7 premium

5) Windows 7 ultimate

3. What is the name of the web browser you use?

1) Firefox

2) Google Chrome

3) Safari

4) Internet Explorer

4. Which is the web browser which you have had the most performance issues with?

1) Firefox

2) Google Chrome

3) Safari

4) Internet Explorer

5. What kind of issues did you have because of which you made the switch to the current web browser?

1) Sluggishness

2) Resource usage wasn’t up to the mark

3) Constant crashes

4) Other issues

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