A Web Feedback Survey is the kind of a survey which is used to fathom the level of satisfaction of users with the website in question. These surveys consist of a list of questions, answers to which help the website owners evaluate the feedback of the users. These questions consist of multiple choices and must be direct and easy to understand. Such surveys are conducted so that owners can know about the general view of the public about their site and make necessary changes and improvements.

Web Feedback Survey sample:

1. How often do you visit this website:

a) This if the first time

b) Rarely

c) Sometimes

d) Frequently

2. What do you use this website for?

a) Searching information

b) Accessing my email account

c) Watching videos

d) Downloading files

3. Does this website help you to serve your purpose?

a) Yes,

b) mostly

c) Sometimes

d) Often

e) Never

4. Are you satisfied with the outlook of this website?

a) Yes

b) No

5. How do find the functioning of this website?

a) Very efficient and fast

b) Acceptable, but could be improved

c) Need to be worked upon greatly

d) Very slow

6. Would you like to drop in some suggestions?


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