A Web Page survey is a survey which is conducted to get feedback on a particular web page. Such surveys are conducted by websites to know whether or not their webpage or webpages are popular among users or not. These surveys help webpage developers to know about their mistakes and improve upon the weak points wherever necessary. Webpage surveys are in the form of questionnaires which have multiple answers out of which the appropriate answer has to be picked or selected by respondent.

Web Page Survey Sample:

1. How often do you visit this webpage?

a) Frequently

b) Sometimes

c) Not many times

d) Never

2. What was your first impression of this webpage:

a) Good and refreshing

b) Ordinary

c) Attractive

d) Didn’t like it

3. How would you like to see this webpage:

a) Would like to see more advertisements and pictures

b) Would like to change the font style and the font size

c) Would want it to have a lot more animations

d) I like it the way it is

4. Are you satisfied with the colour scheme and design used?

a) Yes

b) No

5. What do you think about the content of the webpage?

a) Really interesting

b) Good and acceptable

c) Informative

d) Not interesting,

e) could be improved

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